Our Approach

Orthopaedic problems are largely “mechanical” problems resolved by manual therapy. Eg A misaligned spine or a weak muscle. Chemicals (medicines) have a limited role to play. Hence, 95% of our patients get treated by our uniquely designed techniques without medicines or injections.

At “SPINE ACTION CLINICS”, we believe that chiropractic and physical therapy are two very effective forms of treatment. However, we also believe that when combined appropriately, an even more positive patient outcome is possible.

In conjunction with chiropractic care, we also use physiotherapy techniques to treat muscles, ligaments, and tendons. In addition, patients receive very specific advice regarding home care instructions to support in office care.

We often hear patients remark, “You offer so much more here than the last office I went to.”

Due to our unique combination of chiropractic and physiotherapy, we often experience a 300% better patient outcome than traditional interventions.

We believe you deserve a “first-class experience” every time you walk into our office. Therefore, you can expect your first visit to “SPINE ACTION” to be both comfortable and worthwhile.

Rest assured, you will be guided every step of the way.

Our staff will explain everything in detail to further ensure your level of comfort and satisfaction.


  1. We will assist you with your intake paperwork.
  2. You will get plenty of time to consult with the doctor and ask questions.
  3. Your doctor will take things step-by-step and explain everything.

All you have to do is… enjoy the maximized health benefits at “SPINE ACTION CLINICS”

Meet the Team

We want to be an organization, where whoever gets in touch with us, gets their lives transformed and quality of living gets better. We want to change the lives of people with various lifestyle-related diseases and disorders living limited lives. Meet our team Who work hard to get this all done.

Dr. Robin Sharma – 9871666041 – Our Sr. Physiotherapist

MPT (Orthopedics), MDCPT, PGDIGC, COMT(SPINE), CDNT, CKT, APBC(LEVEL 1&2 UK), COCMT, MIAP(Ex. Max Hospital New Delhi), UNICEF Project(Govt. of U.P.) Certification in Mod. Chiropractic & Osteopathy. (New Delhi)

Dr. Ashish Khandelwal – 7737727307

M.S.P.T(Orthopedics),MDCPT,MIAP, CDNT(AIIMS New Delhi),COMT (SPINE), Certificate in Structural Integration (LEVEL 1,USA),CMT, APBC (LEVEL 1,2&3,UK) COCMT (New Delhi),Certification in Osteopathy & Chiropractic techniques (New Delhi,6 months) ,Ex. Govt Hospital, Apollo Hospitals.

Prof. Ashish Panchal – Founder & CEO – 7042584948


Dr. VIKAS SHARMA – Sr. Consultant Physiotherapist – 9414666685, 9828666685

MPT (Ortho Musculoskeletal),CKTP (USA),COMT (SPINE),CDNT,MIAP.