Special Training Program by Dr.Robbie Goodrum and Dr.Joy Intana

“Spine Action” – Your Health Partner (A Chain of Clinics) is proudly organizing for the first time in India “Advanced Postural Biomechanical Correction” by the founder Dr.Robbie Goodrum and Dr.Joy Intana.

Course Details, Booking details, registration and fee structure below:
Venue: Goa India
starts October 1st, 2018

Dates: 1st -5th of October 2018

‘Certificate in Advanced Postural Biomechanical Correction’
5 days for specific manipulation, mobilization with precise segmental contact points & vectors, to correct subluxations of Pelvic Girdle, including the Ilia, Sacrum, Coccyx & pubic joint. Easy APBC Techniques for Lumbar, Thoracic, cervical motor units for Zygapophyseal facet joints subluxation.
Treatment for whiplash, Tech-neck, lumbago, lumbar, cervical & thoracic facet-syndrome, TMJ treated with ease, (Occiput subluxations, upper cervical spine(C1/2, cervicogenic-headaches) Spondylolythesis, globally twisted rib cage, Costochondritis, all Ribs issues. Including systematic easy differential diagnosis with APBC orthopedic and new APBC neurology testing. Advanced Postural Biomechanical Correction APBC technique corrects the patient’s overall posture & protect the practitioner with optimum ergonomics.

Dates: October 8th – 12th 2018
APBC part 2
‘Diploma in Advanced Postural Biomechanical Correction masterclass’
All Disc pathologies & complicated SI J Issues. (Extra subluxations for Retrolisthesis, anterolisthesis & laterolisthesis in the entire vertebral column.
5 days for Advance course for manipulation, mobilization, soft tissue fascia APBC
re-organization techniques for full spine & pelvis.
An introduction to visceral & cranial osteopathy, medical abdominal examination &
a new exciting technique for neurogenic pain which turns chronic pain off in an instant like a miracle.
Prerequisite for APBC part 2 is completing APBC part 1 with Dr Robbie Goodrum & team in india as new material.
Dates 15th -19th December 2018

‘Sport Extremity manipulation Diploma’
Safe extremity specific Manipulation, mobilization, APBC soft tissue, fascia reorganization & amazing new APBC ligament balancing methods to correct subluxations in an instant.
APBC manipulation, mobilization Focuses on the safe realignment of upper and lower extremity in a specific precise order.
Mobilization and manipulation are used for prevention and treatment of sports injuries and general limb pain. Again new techniques for neurogenic pain in sports injuries, which turns chronic pain off in an instant like a miracle and APBC nerve massage Prerequisite to this program APBC part 1 & 2

Payment details & Fee structure: Contact Dr. Ashish Khandelwal on what’s app
+91 77377 27307 to book your seat. (Only 20 places with 4 teachers)

What do Fees include?
Tuition with founder Dr. Robbie Goodrum of APBC technique & team, course manual, DVD of full course program. Morning and high-noon tea and lunch.

What doesn’t the courses cover?
Accommodation not provided.
Dr. Ashish is sourcing cheap local accommodation call him to arrange your accommodation on
+91 77377 27307

TEAM Spine Action-
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Dr. Ashish Khandelwal
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