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Osteopathy is a philosophy of healthcare that acknowledges that the living body is a self-renewing, self-regenerating, self-recuperating system which maintains health constantly…..



Chiropractic care is now the #1 utilized health care service in the field of alternative therapy. More people are turning to chiropractic care than ever before, and patient satisfaction rates….. 



Joint manipulation is characteristically associated with the production of an audible ‘clicking’ or ‘popping’ sound. This sound is believed to be the result of a ………


Dry Needling

Dry Needling, Acupuncture requires a medical examination and diagnosis by a practitioner knowledgeable in anatomy, neurology, and orthopedics. It originated in the USA ….



In case of a serious disability, such as caused by a severe spinal injury or brain damage, the patient and their families’ abilities, lifestyle, and projects, are suddenly shattered…………


Sports injury management

It’s vital that appropriate injury rehabilitation takes place under the care of qualified professionals before returning to the sport. Without this……….

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Pediatric Rehabilitation

Pediatric rehabilitation is designed to improve the abilities of children and young people following major injury, illness or medical procedures….


Crystal Therapy

CRYSTAL therapy incorporates all aspects of the being – from the subtlest spiritual awakenings to the release of mental and emotional blockages…


    I am Neha Aggarwal, living in Dublin. I had a severe migraine headache since last 2 years and low back pain too. I couldn't go out in the Sun and do proper household activities due to my Low back pain.

    My friend suggested me to visit SPINE ACTION. After just two sessions of treatment by Dr. Ashish, my migraine headache vanished completely and for the first time in the last 2 years, I could go out shopping even during the daytime.

    I wanted to see whether my results stayed or not.

    No, I'm writing this testimonial after one month without any symptoms of a headache or any pain in the lower back.

    Thank you to the whole team of SPINE ACTION!!

    Neha Aggarwal

    I'm Varun living in Kolkata. I had a sitting job and a sedentary lifestyle since last five years because of that I was suffering from low back pain which I could feel go down to my legs. the pain was so severe that I had to take time off from my busy working schedule.

    One of my relatives suggested me to visit  Dr. Ashish.

    He treated me for a week with proper exercises to follow.

    After 2 weeks I had 98% resolution of my pain and symptoms in the leg.

    I'm living a pain-free life now and thank the whole team of Spine Action for their dedicated service towards Humanity.

    Varun, Kolkata

    My name is Rakesh age 45 from Ghaziabad. I was suffering from severe low back pain from last 6 years and the pain was radiating towards my both legs ( right side was more affected as compared to the left side). I visited so many doctors and so many physiotherapy clinics for resolution of this problem. Many doctors suggested me for surgery, one of the physiotherapists from Indirapuram suggested me to go Spine Action clinic Madhuban near Nirman Vihar Delhi. I have taken 13 visits there, after 4th visit my symptoms was improved a lot and after 10 sittings it has completely vanished. At Spine action clinic Dr Robin Sharma treated me in very different way first day I was surprised by his way of treatment but after 3rd visit I have got amazing results. I really want to say thanks to Dr Sharma and I highly recommend Spine Action clinic for back problem to everyone.

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    Myself Nikita age 32 yrs I was suffering from insomnia from the last 5yrs, because of my work schedule I have to work sometime in day shift and some time in night shift that effect my sleeping schedule because of that I had to change my company also. My friend told me about Dr. Robin Sharma then I visited, dr Sharma clinic in Delhi and after 1st sitting, I got a very amazing result, I took around 7 sessions over there and now I am completely fine now I can sleep without slipping pills. I want to say thanks to Dr. Robin Sharma and I highly recommend his for these kinds of problems.

  • Patient's Testimonials

    My self Priyanka age 45 years from AJMER RAJASTHAN, I was suffering from severe neck pain that was radiating to my right hand from the last 4 years. Because of pain, it was very difficult for me to sleep in the night. I have spent lots of sleepless night only because of this pain. I visited various hospitals for the treatment of this problem but didn't get any benefits. Then one of my relatives told me about Dr. Vikas Sharma, then I visited his clinic and after that from the first day my symptoms were improving and after 10 visits I felt completely pain-free. I wanna say thanks to my relative and special thanks to Dr. Vikas Sharma who changed my entire life.

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    My name is Miss Asha Rani age 36yrs from Rajasthan. I was suffering from severe low back pain and pain In my shoulder blades area. Due to this pain, my job was affected and I have to take complete rest. Only because of this pain my life has become like hell. I took lots of medication for this and visited lots of physiotherapists but didn't get any fruitful results. Then I visited Spine Action clinic and Dr. Vikas Sharma treated me using osteopathy and physiotherapeutic techniques and after that from day one I got relief in my symptoms. He suggested me some very core strengthening exercise program and that's helped me a lot to recover from back pain. After 15 visits my pain was completely gone. And now I am feeling 100% fit. I want to say thanks to Dr. Vikas Sharma who gave me a pain-free life. I would like to recommend Dr. Vikas Sharma.

    Asha Rani

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